29 December 2010


my forecast today....i want something that i do not know where can i find it..sound crazy rite..i wish for it..mana nak cari ha bnda neh..semalam ada la kat web 2 swuh buy online n pay with USD.. mna cek nak cekau duit..mcam mana pulak nak p bli bkan nya cek terror bab2 nak bli barang online ne..maklumla buta it ckt .dulu masa secondary school bley la order kat budak2 cina yg slalu jual brang mlalui katalog and then bayaq kmudian barang sampai...this stuff really amazing n fantastic..i feel like want to fly to korea n yes i can get it from there ( kalau ada).. i want ..really want it..please please..


if i cant get all 4..its ok..i just wish diz one..:)..comell

p/s: can anybody tell where can i get dis stuff?????

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