25 December 2010

why "my wheather forecast 4 today"

why is it from "a feeling continue to blank paper" to " my wheather forecast for today" qasanya da lama kot benda ne bertukar wajah tp rasanya baru hari ini nak story..why it happen suddenly..warrgghh..it is all about PERSONAL TASTE..the second korean drama that i had watched in da semester break..in that drama..the heroin..she always decsribe what she felt by mention like this.." park gae in whether forecast for tomorrow......and she will story about what she gonna feel for tommorow..more about her feeling actually..and this wheather forecast come when she felt something about jeon jin ho..so tak mau nampak sangat aq ciplak sikit skrip dalam drama ne..i have change tomorrow for today..WALAUPUN memang saya terangan ciplaknya..
ok..memandangkan aq da becerita cikit pasal cita neh..dalam cita ne mmg nampak sangat kematangan lee min ho nak compare ngn boys over flower..and the best part is..dalam cita ne..lee min ho sangatla rapat dengan mak dia he was calling his mum with name..sweet an..nak compare ngn BOF..his relationship with his mum no good at all..so sapa2 yang da tgk kedua2 drama ne mmg akan nampakla kematangan dia dalam lakonan..and i will prefer personal taste rather tha BOF but both make me crazy..AND THE BIGGEST REASON WHY I WATCHED THIS DRAMA IS ALL ABOUT HIM..JEON JIN HO..GU JUN PYO AND IT WILL BE DEFINATELY BCOZ OF LEE MIN HO..NOBODY CAN SNATCH HIM FROM ME....

love him

personal taste

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